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Dionisio Produce & Farms is a fifth generation, family owned farming operation committed to bringing their customers safe and quality produce.  We are located a few miles east of Pueblo, Colorado. The Dionisio family has been working the land around this area for 65+ years. We proudly service food distributors throughout the southwestern part of the United States with fresh produce from late June to November each year.  


The Farm

Approximately 1,000 acres of furrow-irrigated fertile land is farmed to grow a variety of vegetables. These vegetables include but are not limited to: green cabbage, watermelon, pumpkins, parsnips, onions, and a variety of hard squash. 


Food Safety

Food Safety is a number one priority at Dionisio Produce.  All Dionisio Produce's  field managers & workers have been trained on USDA's Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) policies.  Regulatory audits are conducted on a yearly basis, both self and 3rd party. 

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Dionisio Produce & Farms, LLC

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